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Language Training is Our Passion

We are a Team of hand-picked and custom-trained English Trainers.

We know that learning to speak English confidently takes the longest time,  while time proves to be the most valuable resource.

We Value Your Time.

And you cannot really manage time, but you can multiply it.

Let us multiply the time you invest in your language training

by making it more meaningful.


we bring into the classroom:

not just the best British teaching methodology,

relevant vocabulary and grammar, but

also international media channels,

local and world news,

events and ideas,

that interest


How We Train



We focus only on 

what is important for you



at the same time, combining it with unadapted  English input,



and adding our fun mental workout to train your memory. 

So, Instead of "John Smith" from your regular English textbook

We Discuss


Global Issues



Art & Culture

As a team of professionals,

we are in constant pursuit of quality over quantity,

a people-first over pro-profit environment, 

meaningful work and organic growth,

transparency and fair work conditions.

For methodological reasons, we do not recommend training in groups of more than 5 people.

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