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Level 1



Levels 1 & 2

What is art?

What's history for?

What's coming after smartphones?

What is plogging?

What's the placebo effect?

What is happiness?

Where do new words come from?

Which countries have the most waste?

Which type of milk is best for you?

How to buy happiness?

How can we reduce our carbon footprint?

How do you get around?

How many pints in a liter?

How is bubble gum made?

How can I apologize nicely?

How can I make first impressions?

What's it like to be a female athlete?

Can I live without a sense of smell? 

How can I survive the longest flight?

Are you an active citizen?

Is co-living the new norm?

Is micro-living the future?

Is there gender equality in sports?

Is science denial getting worse?

Is a smaller house better?

Is image-generating AI good enough?

Is Bitcoin mainstream?

Is it easy to host a party?

Are we lonelier than before?

Are we all content creators?

Are we addicted to Facebook?

Ready to pay with your face?

Can physical health badly affect your mental health?

Can you waste less?

Can your life be permanent?

Can minimalism change your life?

Can science be powerful?

Do aliens exist?

How does the NBA use data science?

How old is the hoodie?

How selective is our attention?

Will we live in a fully automated world?

Have you visited the global art capital?

Should government limit video games?

Would you like to try lava bread?

Would you want a robot butler?

Would you quit texting for a week?

Would you like to be famous? 

Why do teens turn to plastic surgery?

Why do humans laugh?

Do you want to live in a car-free city?



Levels 2 & 3

What stops us from being kinder?

What's the most popular chair?

What's retrofitting?

What's the city of the future like?

What's imposter syndrome?

What is eco-friendly fashion?

What makes a poem a poem?

What is the role of nature in our lives?

What exactly happens if you cut down all trees in the city?

Are video games an art form?

Are we getting less materialistic?

Has cancel culture gone too far?

How has the family model changed?

How to be a sound artist?

How to dissect TV shows? 

How can we raise confident children?

How to recycle e-waste?

How to tackle misinformation?

How to say 'no' gracefully?

Where's the best place to be a woman?

Will these lenses change the world?

Will the future look like sci-fi?

Who wants to live forever?

Why are Americans moving out of the US?

Why are some of us just more curious?

Why does Adele not want her songs shuffled?

Why is the Sahara still not covered with solar panels?

Why is multilingualism important?

Why should we read Harry Potter?

Why do people cheat in video games?

Why do we need heat officers?

Why do some of us love horror movies?

Will you have housemates when you retire?

Would you like to be a digital nomad?

How do we think in different languages?

Do we work too much?

Do you trust the news?

Do you have a side hustle?

Do protests lead to change?

Can robots run a grocery shop?

Can AI help us with our mental health?

Can you fit your 5-year garbage in a jar?

Can we fight street hunger with texts?

Can you print your own clothes?

Can your postcards reveal your DNA?

Can menstrual leave be paid?

Can robots be teachers?

Can food be used for anything else?

Culture appropriation or appreciation?

What topics interest you the most?

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